Rizogalo (milk & rice pudding)

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Rizogalo (milk & rice pudding)

from RereRini on 11/27/2020 04:45 PM

3/4 cup glutinous rice
1 pinch of salt
2 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
5 cups fresh milk
1/4 tsp powdered mastic
2 full tbsps corn flour 
Cinnamon powder for sprinkle

We start by putting the rice, the water and the salt in a cooking pot.  We boil in low heat for 10 minutes, until the rice gets soft.  We add the milk, the sugar, the mastic and we stir
.  After the rice has cooked, we dissolve the corn flour in half a cup of cold water and we add in the cooking pot stirring continuousloy.  We boil in low heat until it starts thickening.  While it is still hot, we share in 6 bowls.  We let it boil and then we chill in the fridge.  We sprinkle with cinnamon just before we serve.

Secrets for a perfect milk and rice pudding:
- The milk & rice pudding must be creamy and not thick.  So, while boiling you need to keep the heat low so that the liquid does not evaporate fast.
- A pinch of salt gives out the mastic and the cinnamon aromas better.
- We can use any kind of milk we like, even vegetable.
- The pudding can be served all year round.  In winter we serve it with spoon sweet, in spring we serve it with fresh strawberries and in summer we serve it chilled with lots of cinnamon.  We can also add chocolate, if we like.  In this case we add 150 grams chocolate in small pieces that we add after we have take the pudding from the heat.  We stir till chocolate melts.



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