Easy milk pie with nutella

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Easy milk pie with nutella

from RereRini on 03/22/2020 02:10 PM

1 lt milk
1/2 water glass fine semolina
1/2 water glass coarse semoloina
2 eggs
2 tbsps nutella 
2 tbsps butter
2 vanilla sachs

We heat the milk in moderate temperature.  When it starts getting warm we add the sugar, the vanilla and the semolina stirring well till mixture has grown thick.  We let it aside to cool down a bit and then we add the butter and we mix well.  We add the nutella, we stir well .  We add the eggs one by one and we stir well.  We add the eggs in a cool mixture as we don't want the egg to cook due to the heat.  We bake in a buttered pan in the 175C for about 45-50 minutes.  We let it cool completely and we serve sprinkled with sugar powder.



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