Things you need to Know, before you Join


Some notes before you join.

  • You got to be at least 16 to join this site.
  • All invitations are valid for 24 hours. Please request a new one if the previous expired.
  • This is NOT a dating site. 
  • You need a valid email, a confirmation will be sent to it.
  • This community will remain by invitation only, till further notice.
  • This network will be absolutely free to use till Spring 2020. For details please check lower, same page, Subscription details. We do hope you love and stick with us no matter what! We did our best and will continue doing so.
  • Your IP is recorded via Google Analytics. The data we collect, will never be shared in public, used for malicious purposes or sold in third parties. They exist only so are able to make your experience better.
  • The synod is now public as of June 2019.Non members can not participate to the conversation.
  • You may / may not receive newsletters. We name them Bulletins. You can unsubscribe from them, following the instruction of the Bulletin. We suggest you keep them save in their own label in your email and add our site in your Safe Contacts , to avoid further hassle. 
  • No administrator or moderator should inbox you and ask you proofs of your identity (id , diploma , driving lisence etc) . We rely on your honor and your social media. At the same time, rest assured your data is safe and will not appear anywhere else, unless you decide to link them to your profile.
  • We plan a facebook login feature when this community is open to everyone.
  • You remember our old sites? So do we. We will decide for their future at a later time. Please follow the official sites listed at the end of this page. 
  • Our site is under 2 URL: & sanctuaryofmana-official.yooco. com You will be able to login from the url you first registered. If you visit our network from the other URL by mistake and you can't login please return to the one you originally made your account on.
  • Our site uses http and not https because this is a part of a higher plan , that we have not purchased yet. 
  • Please feel safe in SoM and if you are interested in Sponsoring us, keep reading!!



Some notes after you join.

  • Have a profile photo handy, it's a required feature.
  • Complete your profile. 
  • Spent sometime answering in the Synod or create a group of your interest. Open your own Blog.
  • You can not use as a username the names  '' Mana ''  ''Malice Mizer '' '' Moi dix Mois ''  " Moi meme Moitie ". Same as any other VisualKei artist or Artist/Agency worldwide. Profile photos can be anything you wish also, as long as you upload one, except prohibited content mentioned below. 
  • Make sure your birthday is correct. It will transliterate itself in Years. And you will appear in Birthday Members widget correctly. 
  • Come say Hi, to Admins and moderators guestbooks. We appreciate some Love. 
  • Leave an Instant Message to someone by visiting their profile and click Private Chat. A request will appear to them. Keep the pop up window open so history is not lost.
  • Add your birthday in our Affair calendar, so we get notified and celebrate you.
  • Become familiar with all the settings you will come across. No matter how safe our network is, your privacy matters inside too. Admin has access to all the profiles, regardless their privacy settings. 
  • Your time spent inside the site is counted and it will show as a statistic.
  • The Live Chat bar night download a sound file to you. This is completely harmless it happens only on google chrome. It can not replay the sound itself so it appears like downloading it. Feel free to block this annoy bug. 
  • Live chat does not hold history of your conversations. Please use inbox if you want to sent an important message. To activate it click on the side bar in your right side of the screen. It's off by default & you might be missing your chats. Keep the chat tab open when you browse around the site.
  • Please report anything that might seem off to you. We need your help. Voice your opinion via our polls.


Things you can do.


  • Meet new friends! Catch up with official band members and artists! Be kind with everyone.
  • Fully complete and run a beautiful profile. Keep it up to date.
  • Upload videos. Please prefer the YOUTUBE method.
  • Share photos. Your current space is 600 MB. Subject to change.
  • Create your own groups and fanpages (please create a second account for that)
  • Built a site for yourself, your pet, or your business.
  • Advertise and sell as content creator and affiliate. 
  • Participate in our forum and request your personalised thread.
  • Can share previously published content, with the source.
  • Download content that is previously published.
  • Buy and Sell authentic Lolita Merchandise you own. 
  • Exchange jrock merchandise.
  • Roleplay. In your own personalized group.
  • Share your affiliate Links. Supported provider: Wunderwelt.
  • Start your own Campaign.
  • Participate in amazing Giveaways and Contests.
  • Participate in future Lolita Coordination Contests.
  • Create your own events. 
  • Participate in group chats.
  • Become a recognized content creator.
  • Promote Your Channel.
  • Start your own Fan Club.
  • Join your favorite language study group or become a tutor yourself.
  • Compete in photo contest and flirt your favorite member.
  • Have fun, safely. There are many more features inside. 


Things that you are not allowed to do.


  • Harass other members.
  • Block Admin or moderators inside the community and in social media.
  • Post nudes.
  • Share p*rnographic videos.
  • Share videos that contain violence to humans or humans.
  • Share fanclub content unless you belong to a restrcited group that includes verified DMM/fanclub members.
  • You can not share the content posted here in third parties.
  • Share Malicious Links that can harm this site.
  • Post content without credit. 
  • Share yours or other peoples private data ( addresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers etc)
  • Post fake affiliate links.
  • Use any of the Logos, Art include as your own. If found, you will be served with an Instant Lock Out and maybe a warning or a ban.
  • Please abstain from religious, political, human rights conflicts. We come in Peace. 
  • Do not create over 5 groups in this site. Forum threads have no limits.
  • Please do not use the Photo Rating if you plan to share an artists photo. Use only a clear photo of yours or your Lolita coordination. 
  • Do not abuse members via the flirting application.
  • You can not delete your account (for the time being) If you wish to leave SOM please ask help from the admin. Keep in mind that all your data will be lost. (-1)



Subscription Details.

  • This site is free to use till January 2020.
  • The future subscription might range from 0.50$ to 0.70$ per month depending on the number of people in the site. Once the amount needed is complete, the remaining members who have not paid their montly subscription, will not be able to do so. Please, try again next month. Our monthly fees are 8$/m. We count on you.
  • We are out there seeking sponsors. You can help this site to keep running in the specific plan above by donating 50$ for the next 6 months. Check the matching Note about sponsor benefits in our Synod.
  • The subscription is subject to change. Please keep this faq page handy, because we are working hard so you use this site for free.
  • When and if the time comes, we will collect the subscription via the Paypal donation button. Your safety is the same important as ours. 
  • Once again we are truly thankful to the sponsors of this site. Without them, we wouldn't be able to offer you all those awesome applications. You may find more about those great people, in the related thread in the Synod.
  • Keep in mind that none will come to request money from you, in your inbox. If this happens to you, report this act immediately. The only donation button that might exist, will get installed in Front Page and it will be public.
  • Ranking/Coins is not a part of the subscription context. 




Regarding Affiliates.

  • Members (devotees) with the matching Affiliate Badge, can sell their own products and advertise for free in any part of our site.
  • To affiliates: please make sure not to spam . We do not like that.
  • Get your own banner for a whole year, by Sponsoring us! Donations start at 10$.



Regarding Official Artist Profiles.


  • We wish to reach out and invite artists/agencies to join our site. You may propose your favorite one to the admin.
  • Artists can be recognized from the VIP badge in their profile.
  • Artists may not be excluded from the potential montly subscription.
  • We plan to request official interviews for our network and maybe mini skype calls for our dedicated members. Sponsors will get access to this event without further requirements.  
  • Please check the updated synod article/blog regarding the benefits of the VIP devotees.


Regarding Included Content.


  • All content should get credited.
  • Report any invalid item to the admin (faster method) or use the Report Abuse button below.




Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

Report Abuse 



Actions that will get you banned.


  • Posting Content that offends the rest of the members.
  • Continuesly posting of private DMM Salon and FC material in the Synod.
  • Abuse of The Veiled Society (groups).
  • Continuous abuse of the Terms of Service above.
  • Any kind of harassment of the admin or members inside and outside of S.o.M. We consider ourselves a Sanctuary. Bullying actions are not a subject of sympathy. 
  • In case of extreme situation spotted, the admin reserves the right, to ban you (probably without prior warning) and if needed, report the illegal action to the Authorities.


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